Kualifikasi :

- S1 - Teknik Informatika
- Laki-laki, Maks Usia 32 Tahun
- Memiliki pengetahuan yang baik mengenai TCP/IP Networking, routing, security, NAT dan Tunneling
- Mampu dalam mengimplementasikan sistem/infrastruktur berbasis Linux, Windows Server dan Virtualisasi
- Mampu melakukan instalasi, trouble-shooting, dan maintenance hardware/software dan networking
- Mampu mengkonfigurasi router Mikrotik
- Mahir dalam penggunaan Linux Server serta memiliki passion untuk melakukan riset tentang IT untuk pengembangan sistem perusahaan
- Memiliki sertifikasi CISCO, Microsoft atau Mikrotik merupakan nilai tambah

Tanggung Jawab :
Bertanggung jawab atas sistem dan jaringan, pemeliharaan software/hardware komputer yang digunakan oleh perusahaan.
Tentang Kami :
Initially founded in Pegirian area in Surabaya - East Java, Mr. Nanang Sutiono, the founder of Sutindo Group started the company in the early 1970s.

Over time and continuous hard work, this organization has now grown into a group of diverse companies with more than 1,200 employees and 6 divisions including carbon steel, non- ferrous, stainless steel, building materials, projects, and chemical division.

Sutindo Group implements total quality management known as Sutindo Management System that involves every individual at all levels of the organization. This system applies a type of statistical method to manage and develop excellence in achieving customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, it is proven to sustain the political and economic crisis in both national and international for nearly half a century. Nowadays, companies of Sutindo Group are present in numerous cities and ready to serve the world much better.

Alasan bergabung di perusahaan Kami :
Working in Sutindo equals joining a leader in distribution network of metal products, building materials, industrial plastics, and chemicals. With more than 1,200 employees in all over Indonesia which mostly are in their productive ages, you will have the opportunity to have an excellent career by learning and developing your potential as well as making limitless innovation besides expanding your knowledge. You are welcome to join a group of companies with a world class management system.

Training And Development
As a company, we understand the importance of human resources. We have a well-structured training and development program. You will have big opportunity to expand your potential under the training and development program of the Competency Management & Development Department. Various training and development programs are designed to enhance your personal quality, technical and leadership competency.

Progressive Career
You will find a dynamic working environment that rapidly & continuously develops. We always appreciate the performance of every employee. Our performance system and career path are structurally and objectively designed to encourage and boost the performance of our employees. We promise you a fast and progressive career which correlates to your performance. The higher it gets means more progressive career path.

Management Trainee
A special program for employees with tighter selection criteria than regular employees who will be specifically developed within a time window. Management trainee’s objective is to fill management positions within a shorter time period and with compliance to competency standards.

Salary and benefit
We offer challenging working environment and various working opportunities in Sales & Marketing, Purchasing, Warehouse, Finance & Accounting, IT, HRD & GA, R & D, Production, and Strategic Management with competitive salary and benefits.

Be Part of Our Team
Joining Sutindo means you have joined and become a member of an organization with more than 20 individual companies. We need dynamic personalities who always seek for challenges and dare to lead and grow with us. If you fulfill the criteria, you are welcome to join us for a better future.

Fungsi Kerja :
•  TI, Programmer
Industri :
•  Manufaktur
Jenjang Karir :
• Penyelia (Supervisor)
Pendidikan :
•  Sarjana/S1
Jurusan :
• Teknik Informatika
Jenis Kelamin :
• Laki-laki
Pengalaman Kerja :
•  1 Tahun
Terbuka untuk lulusan baru
Batasan Umur :
• 21 - 32